Our people

At BAI, we have the courage to not only imagine, but to do, what really matters.


At BAI, wherever we operate, we help our employees thrive.

Our mission is simple. We keep people connected – every hour of every day.

In every part of the BAI Communications business, our people work behind the scenes to make things happen, whether it’s bringing communications services to Australian households and businesses or to the subways of Toronto, Hong Kong and New York.

Our employees are passionate about the business we have built and proud of what we do. We do whatever is necessary to ensure that communities can receive services, whether it’s ensuring a bushfire warning in rural Queensland or wi-fi on the train. It’s our remarkable team of strategists, engineers, technicians, developers, designers and more, who make those connections possible.

Working at BAI

We are a talented group of individuals who are bringing connection to our world. We asked a group of BAI Communications employees from various corners of the business to tell us a bit about what they do and what makes them BAI.

Working at BAI

Our culture

Our employees are courageous and bold – not afraid to ask the tough questions.


Sometimes getting a start in the workforce can be the hardest part. We’re there, the world over, helping young people get a foothold through industry apprenticeships.

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Be part of a team that enables millions of people across the globe to connect and collaborate, to share and stream, and to earn and learn.