One of the world’s most extensive transmission networks

BAI Communications is a world-class centre of excellence for television and radio broadcasting, specialising in the design, build and operation of highly available networks to meet our customers’ needs.

We own and operate one of the world’s most extensive transmission networks, providing a range of services to TV and radio broadcasters nationally. Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors sites in metropolitan, regional and remote locations supported by the country’s largest in house broadcast trained field services team. Every year we deliver over 59 million hours of broadcast programmes to 99% of the Australian population. We help broadcasters get services online quickly by using the most cost-effective resources by sharing a site and/or its facilities.


We help broadcasters to build their network capabilities on our infrastructure throughout Australia.

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Our capabilities

Our Broadcast Services division has been at the forefront of broadcast transmission in Australia since we delivered the first ever national broadcast services in 1928.

With our engineering, delivery and operational capability, we are a trusted partner for government, national and commercial broadcasters as well as industry stakeholders.


Australia was one of the first countries in the world to launch digital terrestrial television broadcast services.

In 1992, the Commonwealth Government established the National Transmission Agency. Retitled Broadcast Australia in 2002, the organisation spearheaded field trials of the new standards and helped pioneer digital network design, implementation and management ready for the government-mandated switch-on date of 1 January 2001.

Since that time, Broadcast Australia continued to strengthen its position as a digital broadcast leader. Broadcast Australia was rebranded to BAI Communications in November 2019.


As a leading owner, operator and developer of broadcast sites in the country, BAI Communications offers dynamic coverage nationwide.

We provide extensive analogue and digital broadcasting services to our radio customers – including site sharing and infrastructure services to commercial, community and government broadcasters, telecommunications providers and emergency services.

We have the end-to-end ability to plan, design, install, commission and operate all aspects of the network.

Portal services

Our portal services enable broadcasters to realise cost savings through use of common broadcast infrastructure such as combiners, tower and transmission buildings, and RF antenna system access. Install and operate your own equipment to deliver TV and radio services and take advantage of site security via remote monitoring, power and HVAC access.

Network management services

Our network management services enable you to deliver services to your audiences more efficiently. The 24/7 NOC provides real-time remote monitoring and control of the network, and our 400+ trained and skilled team members across Australia ensure fast fault response and resolution.

Maintenance services

We work tirelessly to ensure audiences never miss a minute of broadcast programming. Our skilled maintenance staff are ISO-9001 quality management accredited. Our predictive and preventive maintenance of equipment ensures services for audiences aren’t disrupted.

Into the future

We have been actively involved in field trials of emerging technologies, including datacasting, digital radio, mobile TV and 3D TV. We have comprehensive plans for the future to enable our customers to take advantage of the next generation of technology innovations. And we look forward to sharing the journey with you.


Sites operated across Australia


Australia’s population covered


Hours of broadcast programmes every year


Managed transmission services

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