NSW Government Radio Network

The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) has one of the world’s largest public safety radio networks. 50 emergency services agencies, including ambulance, police, and fire and rescue forces, as well as transport, energy and environment service providers, rely on the network, using around 52,569 terminals to stay in touch.

The NSW Telco Authority is responsible for coordinating the Government Radio Network (GRN) and has entrusted BAI Communications to maintain the network of 221 sites, ~35,000 voice calls and over 100,000 data calls daily.

Network Operations Control Centre
The Network Operations Control Centre is the hub of the GRN, where BAI Communications controls and monitors the network, activates individual services, locates faults and restores services. Support for users is available through a helpdesk operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

GRN document library
GIO Alert Fire Impairment Notices – October 2014
Site Condition Inspection
GRN Site Access Request
GRN Request for Change
GRN Access Protocols
GRN Processing Non Standard HFCs Handling Procedure
GRN Mobile Asset Request
BAI Communications Environmental Conditions


In Hong Kong and across Asia, we design, install and maintain critical communication services for government, the police, fire services and other safety authorities. Our services enable police, fire and other safety authorities to manage critical issues in tunnels, manage security more effectively through the design of new TETRA radio systems, and allow government to be more productive through an Integrated Radio Distribution System. We can also provide an upgrade path on existing networks to ensure services are enhanced to meet traffic demands.


Number of users of the NSW GRN


Number of NSW GRN sites managed by BAI


NSW GRN agencies assisted with 24/7 customer support and monitoring

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