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Unparalleled track record

No other communications company can match our experience in building and managing secure wireless solutions. We custom design each network to suit unique infrastructure and service requirements.

Transit specialists

We specialise in the provision of high quality subway, in building and confined space communication solutions. We have brought wireless connectivity to the mass transit subways of New York, Toronto and Hong Kong with advanced cellular, Wi-Fi and fibre technology. We have also worked on high-profile rapid transit projects in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China.

Thanks to us, passengers can now remain connected using cellular or free Wi-Fi services whilst travelling.

Technology leadership

We are a global leader in neutral host communications networks. We are experts across multiple wireless technologies including 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi, subscription services and public safety communications such as TETRA. Through our networks, transit authorities gain access to communications infrastructure used in areas such as train control systems, ticketing, CCTV and digital signage. We also support public safety with advanced network coverage, so emergency services can reach the underground and subway systems with TETRA, TETRAPOL and LTE-A networks.

Engineering services

We provide a wide range of customised turnkey wireless solutions. These include design, implementation, commissioning, operation and maintenance services for mission-critical wireless networks such as, P25, Wi-Fi and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) used by transit operators, Telcos and Emergency Service Providers.

A neutral host

We act as the neutral host for a multitude of customers across a range of technologies. Collocation provides a cost-effective solution by sharing infrastructure.

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Bringing broadband to transit

With proven technical and commercial expertise that draws upon a best-in-class system design, BAI implements wireless networks and advanced broadband services across some of the most complex transit networks in the world. Read more

Connecting the underground

Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications company, is bringing cellular and free Wi-Fi services to the 278 underground stations in the New York City subway. Click here to find out more about the installation of this service at your station.

New York City subway passengers provided with connectivity each year

Toronto subway passengers provided with connectivity each day

Data service experienced by commuters in Hong Kong’s MTR

Communications services

Wireless infrastructure

Experienced operator of some of the most extensive neutral host Distributed Antenna Systems.

Cellular & wi-fi solutions

Communications networks that enable 3G, 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi and TETRA services, with no upfront cost.

Neutral hosting

Acting as the neutral host, our collocation services provide a cost-effective solution by integrating into structures already in operation.

Transit & in-building

Experts in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of subway, in-building and confined-space communications network infrastructure.