Transit communications

Across the globe, BAI Communications delivers high quality infrastructure communications to large-scale transit systems, improving outcomes for transit operators and enhancing the travel experience for passengers.

Global transit specialists

We provide high quality infrastructure communications networks for mass transit systems, both above and underground. Each network is custom-designed to suit unique infrastructure challenges and requirements. Our communications networks are built to handle tomorrow’s high capacity requirements.

Our major projects include New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong subways and Boston rail.

We leverage a global talent pool from our Centres of Excellence to address our customers’ specific requirements. Our expertise ranges from in-building metro and tunnel DAS design and deployment, Wi-Fi connectivity, fibre networks, emergency services and public safety application.

We also provide advisory services on high-profile rapid transit projects around the world, such as London, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and the People’s Republic of China, leveraging our global engineering talent pool.

Unlocking commercial value

We have specific expertise on how to commercialise the network infrastructure we build and share the financial upside of implementing new services and applications with Transit Authorities.

Single long-term partner

We act as a Private Network Operator for Transit Authorities, and typically invest into long-term partnerships with local authorities. We have the capability to finance the network build. We design, build and operate a common communications network that is shared with Wireless Carriers, Transit Authorities, public safety authorities, and other businesses needing access to a high capacity, secure communications network.

Enhancing commuters’ experiences

We provide fast and reliable public connectivity to billions of commuters every year, below ground, above ground and in large complex transit systems. We enable public safety with help points and real-time CCTV camera in stations and on trains. By bringing the connectivity to a transit network, we help transit authorities roll out new services and applications, such as countdown clocks, fare payment systems and digital displays.

Our projects


Bringing New York City to the digital age

The New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) tasked BAI Communications’ New York subsidiary Transit Wireless with developing a wireless infrastructure to provide connectivity to the underground subway network. Read the story

Transit Wireless celebrates 1 year of full MTA system coverage

How Do You Bring 21st Century Communications Technology to a 100+ Year Old Transit System?

Bill Bayne, CEO of Transit Wireless, a BAI Communications majority owned company, speaks about the challenges in the New York City underground.
Listen to the podcast

Bringing the connectivity to Toronto’s underground network

BAI Canada was tasked to design, build and operate the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)’s cellular and Wi-Fi network across Toronto’s network of subway stations. Read the story

BAI Canada and TTC deliver complete subway cellular connectivity: Freedom Mobile customers first to benefit

Providing Hong Kong underground subway riders with world’s fastest wireless network

BAI Communications’ Hong Kong subsidiary RFE implements high-speed broadband in one of the world’s busiest rapid transit railway system. Read the story

New York City subway passengers provided with connectivity every day

Toronto subway passengers provided with connectivity every day


Up to 600Mbps

Current data service experienced by commuters in Hong Kong’s MTR

Transit capabilities

Cellular connectivity

We custom-design each network to suit our customers’ unique infrastructure challenges and requirements. In New York, Toronto and Hong Kong, commuters can access high-speed broadband through 3G, 4G-LTE, 5G-ready, cellular connections. Wireless carriers can locate their equipment in our Base Station Hotels (BSH) and distribute their signal to strategically placed antennas throughout stations and tunnels, offering their customers exceptional cellular service across a transit network

Wi-Fi connectivity

We build Wi-Fi networks for both underground and aboveground transit networks. They are designed to support high density Wi-Fi device traffic and provide commuters with reliable access to the internet, social media, email and entertainment throughout their commute. We use the most up-to-date Wi-Fi technology, providing the maximum possible throughput per access point, enabling features such as location-based services

Public safety

We support public safety with advanced network coverage, so emergency services can reach the underground and subway systems. Examples include Help Points intercom services, Real-time CCTV, and Public Safety private Wi-Fi

Transit operations

With underground connectivity, transit authorities can enhance their operations and roll out new services and applications, such as train control systems, network telemetry, real-time commuter analytics, fare payment systems, passenger information systems, CCTV and digital signage. They can also start deploying IoT-connected sensors on trains and escalators, and improve equipment maintenance and overall operations