City of Sydney: smart infrastructure on the agenda

The COVID-19 pandemic has sharply reduced public transport ridership in much of the world. For operators, rebuilding public trust in its safety is a paramount concern. At the same time, many governments are looking at infrastructure projects to kick-start their economies.

In the second benchmarking report, BAI Communications asked more than 2,400 transit riders in five global cities (Toronto, New York City, Hong Kong, London and Sydney) how they saw the state of transport, smart infrastructure and its role in their communities’ future. This localized report identifies key connectivity priorities for Toronto commuters.

Sydney residents strongly support public investment in smart infrastructure. They want continuous network access across their city, they want 5G wireless and they understand that connectivity can improve their working, social and private lives.

Key themes

  • Smart infrastructure: Technology and connectivity can deliver rich solutions to key public issues ultimately delivering a better quality of life for citizens.
  • Data-driven services: From transport to artificial intelligence, new data-intensive services can improve public safety, help businesses manage operations and assist government efforts to promote economic recovery.
  • 5G: Sydneysiders expect 5G networks to have a positive impact on their ability to access business and government services; access entertainment services; stay connected with friends and family and access business and educational content online.

Key findings

  • 86% of Sydeneysiders would support their city investing in a 5G network.
  • 94% would support government investment into reliable wireless and fibre networks.
  • 96% believe better connectivity can bring benefits to service provision and overall wellbeing.

Download the Sydney report here.