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Four takeaways from techUK’s Future Mobility Services conference

It was a pleasure to attend techUK’s Future Mobility Services conference and hear about the innovative mobility and transport technologies being developed across the UK. The agenda included driverless cars, flying taxis and everything in between, with speakers from across the technology and transport sectors including Google Cloud, Hitachi and FiveAI. I spoke at a […]

ABIC 2019: Top 5 takeaways from the Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst

Members of the infrastructure community met earlier this month in London for the annual Australian British Infrastructure Catalyst (ABIC). The event brought together experts from both countries to discuss how technology can drive urban regeneration. In particular, it focused on how transport fits into long-term planning and place making. Several sessions resonated with me, including […]

Continuous Connectivity Report 2019 – Public transport and continuous connectivity: Building a smarter Sydney

Continuous connectivity is transforming the future of transportation by allowing citizens and employers to fully participate in the digital economy — shaping the physical, social and economic geography of the world. BAI Communications’ 2019 continuous connectivity research report asked 2,538 rail users in five global cities (Sydney, London, Hong Kong, New York, and Toronto) about […]

Transport and technology: driving the evolution of smart cities

Transport and technology have always been inextricably linked. From horses and carriages to horseless carriages, from the steam train to the bullet train, and from traffic lights to real-time traffic updates. They have combined to help move and connect people and places for centuries. Ultimately, public transport is all about commuters and ensuring their journeys […]

BAI welcomes the launch of the London Office of Technology and Innovation

In June, the London Office of Technology and Innovation (LOTI) officially launched, kick-starting a new era of digital transformation. LOTI – a collaboration between London boroughs with the Mayor of London’s backing – will help to cement London’s position as a smart city by encouraging digital and data innovation across its public services. It recognises […]

Smart cities need smart transport, connectivity and technology: Report

Commuters around the world have spoken: the number-one requirement for a ‘smart city’ is good public transport, and the number-one expectation of public transport is continuous connectivity. These are just some of the findings from the Continuous connectivity research report. To produce this report, BAI Communications surveyed 2,538 rail users across five global cities (Hong […]

We are on the verge of a new mobility ecosystem powered by connectivity

Mobility as we know it is in the middle of a major period of change — one that will drastically transform cities and deliver benefits for business and society. In recent years, socio-economic forces ⎯ coupled with advancements in technology, social networking, location-based services, wireless services and cloud technologies ⎯ are contributing to the growth […]

Breaking the stigma: Changing gender perceptions through a modernised railway industry

In the 1851 UK census, there were just three women listed as ‘railway labourers’ working in the industry. Whilst trains overall have gotten faster since then, the number of women working on or with them has travelled at a more pedestrian pace. An extensive survey of the UK by industry group Women In Rail found […]

Better connectivity: a crucial ingredient to improving commuter well being

Rail commuters spend an average of two hours and 11 minutes on the move each day. Travelling can be stressful; congestion, delays and cancellations all take their toll on commuter well being and mental health. New research from London City Airport, Building Better, the role of transport infrastructure and services in improving mental health, considers […]