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Engineering knowledge series: episode 1 – powers and buildings

About engineering knowledge series

BAI’s engineering knowledge series is a quarterly podcast where we will share our culture of proactive and continual improvement of network assets. You will hear from our specialist engineers and gain insights into how they apply expert knowledge across all facets of broadcast transmission support and infrastructure to achieve quality outcomes for our customers.

With almost a century of history in Australia operating one of the world’s most extensive transmission networks for TV and radio, BAI has led the way in delivering innovation in broadcast infrastructure services. Our experience encompasses a wide range of communications, distribution and transmission services.

We work together with our customers, to deliver high-availability network solutions; we leverage current and future technologies to deliver the best outcomes for our customers and we deliver excellence in all we do – design, engineering, construction and operations.

Topics explored in the engineering knowledge series

Episode 1 - powers and buildings

Masoud Rasouli, Head of National Broadcasters and Patrick Maraun, Power and Buildings Manager speak about the principles, frameworks and systems BAI apply when upgrading power systems and buildings.

Engineering knowledge series - episode 1 - power and buildings

Masoud Rasouli, Head of National Broadcasters and Grant Shapcott, Antenna and Structures Manager speak about what it takes to maintain and operate the network of broadcast infrastructure.

Engineering knowledge series - episode 2 - Structures, antennas and RF components

Masoud Rasouli, Jeff Dale and Matt Betts speak about PIE, disaster recovery, the national repair centre, and more; all of which ensures the continued operation of the broadcast network.

Engineering knowledge series - episode 3 - Transmitters and PIE

Episode 2 – Antennas and structures

“BAI’s design strategy targets the minimisation of risk (service continuity, safety and environmental) across the network. Mission-critical design principles are adopted to maximise service availability, provide for concurrent maintainability and increase fault tolerance where feasible.”

Patrick Maraun

Power and buildings Manager BAI Communications Australia

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