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Netskrt Systems and BAI Communications team up to offer video streaming to railway operators in the UK, Europe, and North America

Netskrt eCDN enhances BAI connected transport solution with high quality streaming video and improved overall Wi-Fi performance   Netskrt Systems, the only provider of eCDNs for rail, air and other underserved locations, and BAI Communications (BAI), soon to rebrand as Boldyn Networks, and a designer, builder, and operator of shared communications infrastructure, today announced they will […]

Sydney’s public transport users know what they want: connectivity on the go

Australia’s Greater Sydney area is one of the fastest-growing regions in the Western world, not only in population numbers but also population density. That’s driving the need for more public transportation that’s fast, comfortable, efficient and meets passengers’ evolving expectations of a connected transport experience. In the last 25 years, Sydney’s population grew by 75% […]

The network as a sponge cake: A recipe for public transport connectivity

Every edition of our annual Connectivity outlook report reveals something new about what passengers expect from public transport connectivity, and this year is no exception. In 2021 we learned riders want more technology to enhance their transit experience. They are fully behind public investment in advanced connectivity infrastructure. And for the first time ever, coming […]

Station of the future: the business case for smart transit

Transport authorities took their first step toward creating the ‘station of the future’ when they brought internet connectivity to their transport systems. Meeting passengers’ expectations to message, stream and game on the go. But consumer Wi-Fi is only part of the opportunity. Operators can cut costs, gain agility and attract more passengers by converting the […]

Station of the future: COVID-ready

Connectivity and COVID: how networks can help rebuild trust in public transport As the world adapts to the ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, communications networks play an important part in rebuilding commuter confidence in mass transport services. Access to real-time information can make it easier for rail networks to operate safely and efficiently. It will […]

The London Tube’s 4G makeover sets stage for smart city projects to come

The oldest subway in the world will have 4G access by the end of 2024. London’s Tube, the world’s oldest subway system, is officially entering the 21st century: It’s getting an underground 4G network that will cover its platforms, stations, and tunnels. London struck a $1.4 billion, 20-year agreement with BAI Communications, which will lay over 1,242 […]

Getting there from here: Ontario’s vehicle-to-everything (V2X) opportunity

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) connectivity has the potential to improve road safety, enhance highway infrastructure, simplify commuting, and even reduce insurance rates. However, the benefits of vehicle-to-everything hinge on high-speed, high-capacity roadside data transmission that’s not available today. With Ontario’s planned $2.8 billion investment in rural broadband, this funding could be used to connect residents and vehicles […]

Listen to Billy D’Arcy, CEO, BAI UK, talk about building a full fibre backbone for the capital on the London First podcast

Billy D’Arcy, CEO of BAI Communications, UK, spoke with London First CEO John Dickie about the investment BAI is making in the city as part of our partnership with Transport for London. In the latest edition of the London First podcast, Billy explains how BAI plans to bring connectivity to the underground and create a […]

What makes transit smart?

A smart platform for smarter transit Our virtualized network is a converged platform that’s fast, flexible and future-ready — eliminating the need for patchwork solutions, parallel networks and redundant equipment. The platform enables transit authorities to better manage on-the-ground conditions, strengthening public safety, enhancing the ridership experience, and boosting operational efficiencies. BAI’s SMART transit platform […]

Take a ride on the transit of the future

As connected cities become the catalysts for economic growth, high-capacity transit communication networks play an important role in driving smart city evolution. Connected vehicles and digitised transit operations above and below ground, are opening a world of possibilities for both passengers and transit authorities. BAI’s infrastructure is 5G-ready and designed to meet the unique challenges […]