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Sharing network ownership doesn’t mean giving up control

It didn’t come as a big surprise that a substantial majority of respondents to BAI’s recent research on smart communities considered themselves innovators or early adopters at the forefront of new technology. It was a little more surprising to compare those responses to actual technology adoption: only 25% are using 5G networks and just 9% […]

Hear from BAI’s Group Chief Commercial Officer Andrew McGrath on the first day of his new role

BAI’s recently appointed Group Chief Commercial Officer Andrew McGrath, based in London, joined us today. McGrath is responsible for delivering the global commercial strategy, focusing on enhancing the company’s go-to-market approach across all its markets. Drawing on his extensive experience in both telecommunications and infrastructure, he works at both a global and market level to […]

New Group CEO lays out vision for BAI to become a leading 5G neutral host provider to mobile network operators

With only a couple of weeks since his appointment as Group CEO of BAI Communications, Igor Leprince has defined the company’s 5G neutral host infrastructure offering to mobile network operators (MNOs) as a priority growth area, setting out a new vision for the global company for the next five years. Mr Leprince will develop BAI’s […]

TowerXchange: BAI Communications is ready for 5G

In a recent interview with TowerXchange, BAI Communications Group CEO Igor Leprince spoke about BAI’s plans to leverage its technical and strategic expertise in network rollouts to become a 5G neutral host services provider. “[BAI’s] strong foundation will allow me to grow the company by leveraging the reputation and great relationships that we have with local governments, transport authorities […]

Acting Group Chief Executive Officer announced

Chairman of BAI’s Board of Directors, Deena Shiff, has announced interim arrangements to follow Group CEO Jim Hassell’s departure on 31 December 2019. In a message to BAI Communications employees globally, Deena Shiff confirmed that Jim Hassell will join the board of BAI Communications United Kingdom as a non-executive director as he steps down from […]

World Cities Day: smart infrastructure, incubators, and urbanization

31 October is World Cities Day , an occasion to promote global interest in urbanization and its sustainable development. BAI Communications designs builds and operates smart infrastructure in cities around the globe, so we asked some of our leading minds to discuss urbanization’s future, opportunities, and challenges. For the second article in our three-part series […]

World Cities Day: smart transit for a smart city

31 October is World Cities Day, an occasion to promote global interest in urbanisation and its sustainable development. BAI Communications designs, builds and operates smart infrastructure in cities around the globe, so we asked some of our leading minds to discuss urbanisation’s future, opportunities, and challenges. For the final article in our series, we asked […]

World Cities Day: promoting urbanisation with sustainable development

31 October is the United Nations’ World Cities Day, which promotes the international community’s interest in global urbanisation: encouraging cooperation among countries to meet the opportunities and address its challenges, and contribute to sustainable urban development globally. BAI Communications is celebrating this occasion around the world, as this is an area in which we have […]

Smart Transit – Driving transit technology forward

SmartTransit is the go-to event for senior transit industry figures from across North America. The event will look at how digitalization and technology is revolutionizing transit, from enhanced analytics technologies to real-time passenger information systems. SmartTransit is the event for transit executives looking to keep up with the pace of change.

Process and people: getting health and safety right every time

Communications infrastructure connects lives, enhances productivity and makes travelling more efficient. But getting infrastructure in place can be challenging, particularly in confined, underground spaces. This is the environment in which BAI Communications specialises with its strong record in health and safety. BAI successfully designs, builds and operates communications infrastructure on public transport in Canada, Hong […]