Rural broadband deployment in Ontario | A whitepaper

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the impact of the digital divide. Ontario residents lacking access to high-speed broadband infrastructure have not been able to fully participate in the opportunities available to their connected neighbours. For rural communities, the path towards economic success heavily depends on the availability of high-speed, high-capacity digital infrastructure. Farms and related […]

Connectivity outlook report 2020

Public transport operators are vital contributors to their city’s prosperity and their citizens’ wellbeing. Besides providing the infrastructure to help people get from point A to point B, transport operators are also responding to their users’ need to remain connected during trips (especially important to commuters of longer journeys) and to the need of travelling […]

The power of private networks

Private networks powered by 4G/5G cellular wireless technologies offer unparalleled capability and are backed by a huge commercial ecosystem. In contrast, public networks often cannot meet extreme requirements for coverage, capacity, reliability, security, low latency, or low power devices. Private networks not only overcome these challenges but the now evolved ecosystem makes it feasible for […]

Redefining the 5G venue experience – A case study on Arena and L.A. LIVE

In partnership with AEG, the leader in sports and live entertainment, Mobilitie is deploying an industry-leading 5G network throughout Arena and its adjacent sports and entertainment district, L.A. LIVE. The wireless network is integrated with all carriers and is designed to support next-generation fan connectivity and interactions. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, […]